The Healing Sea: a Sea Soul Retreat


The Healing Sea: self compassion, simplicity and Sea Soul Blessings


I’m offering our first ever Sea Soul morning retreat in Penzance – at a special introductory price.

Join us on Saturday 25 April from 10am to 1pm to share time in nature, practice self compassion, mindfulness, and simple tools to  find greater calm and clarity.

Together, we’ll gather the energy we need to tend to ourselves, to those we love, and to our planet. And weather permitting, there will be a chance to have an optional sea swim afterwards!

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When we feel overwhelmed, it can be hard to make time to care for ourselves – yet the sea is always there to soothe and strengthen us.

This simple morning retreat is a chance to come together and reconnect to the water – appreciating the many benefits of time in nature, finding ways to develop your own self compassion and mindfulness practices, and trying out simple tools with the capacity to calm, soothe and inspire us.

IMG_3174At 10am on Saturday morning, we’ll meet at Garbo House in Bread Street, Penzance, overlooking the sea, to connect over tea and a vegan treat.

Embracing the pause as progress, we’ll explore some of the ways that we can boost our resilience and hope.

One of the tools we will use will be Sea Soul Blessings: simple cards and a guidebook that facilitate a daily practice of clearing focus and practicing self compassion.

Reflecting on each day’s message can deepen our connection to the sea, shift unhelpful thoughts and help us to enact positive change (find out what other people think about these cards here).

handful of beach rubbish

We’ll use Sea Soul Blessings to choose a group focus, and then an individual focus for our morning practice.

Then we’ll head to the sea – whatever the weather – flasks in hand, so we can pause for a warming drink whenever we want one.

We’ll spend some time soaking up all the “blue mind” benefits of being by the water, while engaging in small positive actions that will ripple out beyond our time together.

We’ll do some journaling, beach cleaning, beach-debris sorting, and nature mandala-making.

During the workshop, Pippa will also be available to take a few minutes with you individually to reflect on your chosen Sea Soul Blessing – and why this particular focus might be meaningful for you right now.

IMG_0603We’ll finish our session by coming back together to share our experiences, and a final blessing.

You’ll leave feeling more connected to your compassion, capacity for change – and of course, to the sea.

Each participant will receive a mini set of Sea Soul Blessings, so that you can take this practice back to your daily life.

After the workshop – sea conditions permitting – you would be very welcome to join Pippa for a sea swim, a paddle or a dip (at your own risk – no lifeguards on hand!)

Please bring your own reusable cup.

Cost: £25

10% will be donated to environmental causes