20 great gifts for sea-lovers

Gifts for sea loversAs a sea lover who gets a kick out of giving gifts that I know the recipient will really appreciate, I’ve had so much fun gathering 20 sustainable and original gifts for ocean-lovers of all kinds…

You’ll find a gift for everyone who loves the sea and every type of “blue mind”. There are gifts for surfers, gifts for swimmers,  presents for beach posers, cliff stompers and seafood eaters, and unique gifts for plastic activists and mindfulness seekers – of all ages from grommet to grandparent.

We’ve got stocking fillers for sea lovers for £1.75 or less. And great sustainable gifts for all budgets from £3 to £159.

Many of the makers I’ve selected are based in Cornwall and the South West, because I love supporting local businesses and environmental projects – and some are from further afield. All of the businesses/organisations featured here love the sea, and many are actively involved in protecting it – which means your purchases will have an added benefit beyond bringing joy to the lucky recipients. None of the suggestions below are sponsored in any way.

I hope you find something you love for the sea-lovers in your life! And if you’re after books for sea-lovers, you might enjoy this post too.


Surfers Against Sewage: Bee Bumps Surf Wax:   £3

bee bumps surf wax SAS

Surfers Against Sewage have some lovely gifts. Here’s a little bargain beauty that combines sea love and bee love…

When you buy from SAS’s shop, you also get to support an amazing charity that inspires, unites and empowers communities to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.

Surfers Against Sewage say: “Bee Bumps mixes local beeswax with fresh tree resin to give you all the ‘bump’ and the ‘grip’ you’ll need for a great session in the sea!

This wax is totally eco-friendly – the guys at Supertube Designs are proud beekeepers and even head all the way over to Spain to collect resin straight from the trees …it’s hand-poured and smells AMAZING!”


Bloom Remedies: Sisal Eco Shower Mitt:    £5

sisal_mitt2_1024x1024You don’t have to dive into the sea to benefit from this eco-friendly shower mitt. Hot showers are for everyone!

Whether you’ve had good old cliff stomp or a cold winter swim, a rub down with a friendly mitt in the shower afterwards will soothe a walkers aching muscles and wash those wild seas away.

Almost as effective as a roll in the sand for gently removing those layers of dry wind-and-sea-battered skin…

Marie says: “Made from an ethical and sustainable eco Sisal fibre, this mitt becomes soft when wet, yet retains a rough texture to allow you to exfoliate your skin easily.”

Bloom Remedies are a small batch producer of award winning natural skincare and wellness products based in the wilds of West Cornwall (and they are lovely).


Home of Juniper: Dead Sea Mud Cleanser   £7 

spring2019Home of Juniper aim to make ethical living easy, carefully sourcing the products they sell from around the world – this one’s from sustainable company, Atlas & Ortus.

Atlas & Ortus’ dead sea cleanser should be great for acne and skin blemishes  – softening, moisturising and exfoliating dry skin. It’s also plastic free – arriving wrapped in nothing but ethically-sourced tissue paper. Wit woo.

Home of Juniper say: “An essential for any man, woman, or teen. Made from completely natural ingredients – making skin feel soft and beautiful without any harsh additives, plus it smells divine. Eliminate a trip to the spa and have a spa day every day!”


Bloom Remedies: Cocoa butter lip therapy:    £10

lip_cocoa_open_1024x1024 (1)Bloom Remedies make gorgeous lip balms – their delicious cocoa butter lip therapy is the perfect organic layer to protect luscious lips from the wind, sand and waves.

It’s also 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan. And I suspect, very popular with all of us who love chocolate. (A diet alternative maybe…?)

Marie says “This intensive lip therapy helps minimise dry skin, nourishes and repairs cracked lips and keeps lips in top, soft and kissable condition… 

This lip balm is also infused with Benzoin essential oil – great for cracked skin and with a subtle vanilla flavour.”

Yum. I love everything that Marie makes – their face cream is the only thing I use on my skin (apart from sea water of course…).a small batch producer of award winning natural skincare and wellness products based in the wilds of West Cornwall


Planet Love Life: Great White Shark bracelet   £15

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 21.38.26Planet Love Life organise coastal clean-ups from their base in the Gulf of Mexico, and make a range of bracelets out of discarded ‘ghost nets’ – repurposing ocean debris to make waterproof jewellery.

Rob and Melody say: “These nautical rope bracelets are handcrafted from recycled marine rope debris. Each piece of salvaged rope is unique with slight variations in colour and condition, caused by natural weathering.”

Their bracelets would make a charming addition to any sea-lover’s outfit.  This one celebrates a beautiful creature that we tend to fear in the water (mostly without good reason…), but you’ll also find ghost net bracelets celebrating dolphins, crabs, turtles and more.


Cool Bathing: Learner Swim Cap   £16

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 21.51.01Cool Bathing make all sorts of witty and collectible swim caps.

I swim all year round in the sea in my bikini – but there’s no way I’d go in in the winter without a swim cap (or two…!)

Cool Bathing deliver their caps in biodegradable packaging, and are also currently up-cycling and recycling old swim caps – so if you have any of those around, send them their way!

They say “This is a high quality, durable silicone swim cap with excellent hydro-dynamics. The seamless style can be worn by all, but is also suitable for those with long hair. It has surprisingly good visibility in open water, so ideal for beginners.”


The Coconut Bee: Surf Revival: Argan and Jojoba Repair Oil   £17


The Coconut Bee are based in North Cornwall, and make a range of all-natural products designed for life on the coast.

Those of us who love getting into the sea know the toll that all that salt water can take on your mullet – so a hair repair oil that locks moisture into your hair sounds just the thing!

The Coconut Bee say “Ocean nutrients are beneficial to a healthy head of hair (and a healthy mind we believe), so we recommend going in the sea as much as your heart desires and then following up with Surf Revival to maintain fully moisturised & healthy locks!”


Jago Illustration: Nocturne signed print   £17 – £27

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 09.24.21Jago Silver is a wonderful illustrator based in Cornwall who creates all sorts of beautiful artwork, much of it inspired by the sea.

On his website, you’ll discover all sorts of mystical loveliness inspired by nature and the deep. You can purchase his work as beautiful prints, books, tins and even very cute camping mugs (perfect to fill with hot chocolate after a long beach day).

This evocative signed print is one of my absolute favourites of his. An A4 print is £17, and an A3 print is £27

Jago says: “This illustration is part of a series of work created on an iPad Pro using the Procreate software. It was created for the semi-annual exhibition The Cruel & Curious. This years theme was Nocturne and I made small book of drawings exploring a moonlit meeting between a lady and a whale….”


A Bunch of Stuff: Sea Whale Bamboo Platter:   £18 – £20

custom-bamboo-platter.jpgLou of A Bunch of Stuff is based in Devon where they make beautiful platters from recycled or sustainable bamboo – each design drawn and burnt by hand.

Lou can make your a board in various different shapes: oval, circle, square and rectangle – and she also offers free personalisation if you would like to add the recipients name or a short message via Etsy.

Lou says “This would make a great centrepiece on a table, can be hung up in the kitchen or used as a serving platter or board. “Live, love, recycle” is my motto in life as we have such a throw-away society. Therefore I use recycled, reclaimed or sustainable wood.”


Blue Marble Locket: £20

blue marble locket

Wallace J Nicholls’ “blue mind” movement launched a viral trend amongst water-lovers: sharing blue marbles.

Holding up a blue marble, we can imagine how our watery world might look from a distance – we’re reminded that we’re all connected by water, and that every action we take to support our planet matters.

To carry your marble and share it with others, Going Coastal have created some gorgeous lockets, handmade in Cornwall using sustainable sources.

Lizzi says: “The bolts are sailing grade stainless steel… a mix of industrial and natural materials, making these items are beautifully tactile and giving them a nautical porthole-like visual appeal. The outer rings carry two ocean inspired phrases on the outside and a unique design on the inside which incorporates wave crests and lines symbolic of land topography – edges and gradients.  If you are gifting this item, you can flip the outer discs so that your ocean message remains a secret until the recipient opens the casing.”

Lizzi has also created a lovely blue marble light catcher too – or you can choose to buy a collection of three blue marbles for £15. Best of all, 50% of profits are used to support environmental charities – you get to choose between Surfers Against Sewage, The Blue Mind Fund or British Divers Marine Life Rescue (or all three!)


Sea Soul Blessings cards and book:   £21

may you be curious squareI couldn’t leave us out of a list like this! You get to give the gift of sea every day with Sea Soul Blessings. We’ve created a little box of peace and encouragement that captures the transformative wisdom of the sea in 49 inspirational cards and a guidebook.

Reflecting on the day’s message awakens that ‘blue mind’ of ours, bringing calm and a clearer focus, increasing self-compassion, helping you to shift unhelpful thoughts and to make positive changes in your life.

The simple daily practice of drawing a card each day can be as rejuvenating as a regular trip to the sea – the perfect gift for sea lovers who can’t get there as often as they wish they could.

Draw a card to accompany a yoga class or meditation practice, as a prompt for journalling, to inspire deeper conversations with your kids or your friends, or simply as reminder to stop for a minute and think of the sea. Your purchase also supports Sea Soul Blessings’ donations to projects that protect our seas (we’re currently donating to Surfers Against Sewage too!)

If money is tight right now – we’re running a giveaway until 25 November to win all sorts of Sea Soul Blessings goodies – and every entrant gets a prize (free Christmas presents or stocking fillers, anyone?): find out more below, and enter here.


Living Sea Therapy: Bath Soak   £26

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 22.02.40Tim and Caro of Living Sea Therapy in Cornwall are UK seaweed pioneers. They  harvest all the seaweed for their products in Cornwall by hand, so that they don’t destroy the ecosystem.

Their kelp-forest-sourced bath soak includes bladderwrack, sea spaghetti, sea salt and more – bringing you all the benefits of a soak in the sea, without having to leave the house…

They say: “Kelp Forest Sourced Bath Soak plunges you into an infusion of seaweeds, sustainably harvested from Cornish seabed forests. These sea minerals and seaweeds, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids are fused with twelve pure essential oils including mandarin, ginger and eucalyptus to help revive and stimulate your senses, soak away stress as well as provide deep muscle relaxation”


Good Gifts: Fish out the plastic   £32

good gifts fish out the plastic

Good Gifts donate to vital causes on your behalf and send you a gift card to share – it’s a powerful way to show the lucky recipient that you understand how much the preservation and protection of the sea matters to them.

This gift helps to fund conservation activities in the Philippines – with ripple effects all round the world.

Good gifts say: “The problem: discarded plastic, particularly fishing nets, catch and kill marine life. The Philippines, a paradise for marine diversity, is the third largest contributor to dumped plastic. A solution: pay fishermen to recover nets from the ocean to be turned into carpet tiles. Fisherfolk can earn incomes collecting and the manufacturing provides jobs.”


Home of Juniper: Eco Moon Tide Clock  £36

eco moon and tide clockAnother one from Home of Juniper – this tide-monitoring clock is made from weather proof bonded recycled paper, by a small Cornish company in the U.K.

It’s delivered in a recycled box (though it does need batteries…) and is designed to be wall-mounted – because it’s water resistant, it can live inside or out.

Home of Juniper say “Ideal for predicting tide times and all important harbour tide heights. As the moon determines the size of the tides, this clock will help you predict how big the tide is likely to be. This eco friendly moon clock tracks the lunar cycle and is ideal for predicting tidal heights, peak gardening times and mood swings…”

Home of Juniper have a similar tide-only clock for £26.95, and a stainless steel tide clock for £39.95.


ORCA: Orca Fin Friends membership: £42 per year

loveday-and-lizzie-daly.jpgMy daughter joined ORCA’s Fin Friends this summer, inspired by wildlife biologist and TB presenter Lizzie Daly‘s talk about ORCA’s work on Brittany Ferries.

Designed for kids aged from 7-11, members receive a fluffy orca cuddly toy, a certificate, activity book and lots of child-friendly facts about whales.

We’re due to get our first of two annual newsletters soon, but I think the biggest buzz for my daughter lay in signing up and knowing that she was supporting research about the marine mammals she loves – many of which we’ve even spotted from the ferry while travelling to Spain ourselves. She says: 

loveday orca“Being a Fin Friend is one of the most important parts of ORCA’s work because it gives them money to help the sea life. It’s important to have kids involved so that it can show that kids are helping as well, not just adults. And kids have really good imaginations and can think of amazing inventions that can help the sea…”

ORCA are based in Plymouth – they monitor the oceans, and protect dolphins, whales, porpoises and their habitat.


Surfer’s Path: Magazine subscription:   £45

surfers pathThe original Surfer’s Path, the most sustainable surf magazine of it’s time, sadly folded four years ago. It has recently relaunched as a reader-supported journal – with the same vision for sustainability and quality.

It’s a magazine that also appeals to non-surfers – I’ve always really loved reading it , even though I don’t surf myself…

Surfer’s Path say: “We are here to be kept for a lifetime of revisiting tales, and moments of photographic wonder. We know we’re not for the masses, but we are here for surfers of all ages who want to go a little deeper, a little further, and escape into pages for hours on end. “

Now don’t tell my husband, (who in truth, continues to be a very active surfer, even though he also loves sleeping on the sofa), but Surfers’ Path are doing a Christmas subscription offer – including six magazines and a gift card. They’ll even enter their subscribers into a draw to win a new surfboard (clearly – I’m hoping that won’t happen, as we’ve already got far too many of those in the house…)

17. FOR JAW-DROPPING JEWELLERY LOVERS (and Christmas proposals…?)

rebecca wilbur seascape rings

Rebecca Wilbur Jewellery: Seascape Rings:   £110

Rebecca is a very talented artist and photographer based in Penzance – who makes some of the most gorgeous silver rings I’ve ever seen.

Made from fine recycled silver, with added gemstones, each ring is a one of a kind creation – and they beautifully capture the textures of the beach, the sea and the sky.

Rebecca also makes gorgeous mermaid necklaces priced from £95 – you can find those in her Etsy shop.

All her jewellery comes in plastic free packaging, and her necklaces hang on biodegradable hemp twine. Find out more about Rebecca.


Surfers Against Sewage: Otter Limited Edition Handplane:   £159

Otter handplane SASAt the time of writing, there were only two of these left in stock, so you’ll have to act fast. This limited edition handplane offers sea-lovers the chance to hone their bodysurfing skills – helping you to control your position in the wave.

Each handplane is made from sustainable sources (including some Royal oak from Highgrove apparently – very fancy) and finished with natural oils.

Surfers Against Sewage say “Now the simple and joyous act of just going for a swim in the ocean can involve catching waves and perhaps getting yourself in a barrel or two! The guys at Otter have used poplar for these bellyboards and handplanes, which is the timber normally used for the rail strips on their surfboards and is grown and harvested near Salisbury.”  Profits from the Surfers Against Sewage shop go back into saving our seas, so that’s another wonderful reason to buy from their shop.



Tide Times: Tide Tables:    £1.75

printed-tide-tablesNot the most obvious choice for a stocking filler, but this classic little yellow book might just be one of the most thoughtful, useful (and possibly even life-saving) gifts you can give a sea lover.

Tide Tables show the high and low tide times, sunrise, sunset – and the moon phase – all you could possibly need to make the most of the day in and around the sea.

My husband uses the Penzance (Newlyn) version to plan his surfs. Your lucky recipient might use it for a sailing adventure, to check the safe zones for a coastal walk, or to ensure they’re the first beachcomber scouring the tideline…

Plus, you get to choose your UK location from 709 different coastal locations from St Mary’s on the Scilly Isles to Burra Firth in the Shetland Islands. The gifting possibilities are endless: tide tables for your home or your favourite holiday destination? The beach you first played as a child, or where you fell in love… the possibilities are endless!

The books are made from recycled paper (apart from the outer card, but they’re working on that…), are fully recyclable, and come packaged in recycled envelopes…


5 cards

The Big Sea Giveaway   FREE

UPDATE: This giveaway finished on 25 November, but if you’d like our digital ebook, just drop me an email and ask nicely and I’ll send it your way…

Speaking of stocking fillers, everyone who enters our Big Sea Giveaway will receive some free sea-themed stocking fillers of their own…

If you’re in the UK, that’s a mini surprise set of five Sea Soul Blessing cards like this, sent to you in a recycled envelope of course…

Think of your five Sea Soul Blessing cards as a sea-themed fortune cookie – which cards will you get…?

If you’re outside the UK, we’ll send you a digital ebook instead. More of a virtual stocking filler (and even more sustainable), but there’s no reason Santa can’t send an email!


There are all sorts of sustainable Sea Soul Blessings goodies up for grabs as the giveaway’s big prize, (which would all make wonderful Christmas presents too), so find out more and enter now. The deadline is 25 November.

Whichever gift you get, we hope it encourages you to spend more time in, around, and loving the sea.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article has given you some great ideas for gifts for the sea-lovers in your life.

I’ve also compiled a post on books for sea lovers – you can read that over here.

Gifts for sea lovers

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