Protect and preserve

img_0713.jpgIt’s a time of urgent environmental crisis – and that can feel hopeless at times. But we are all more powerful than we think.

Did you know that if you’ve brought something from us, you’ve already taken some positive action?

From our conception, we’ve donated funds and time to environmental causes, and as of 16 September 2019, we’re now donating a proportion of income from each sale (right now, that’s 10% of the purchase price of everything we sell).

Every month, we make a decision about which cause to donate to…

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From 16 September 2019, 10% of the purchase price is being donated to Surfers Against Sewage, a national charity based in Cornwall, who inspire, unite and empower communities to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.

We’re proud members of Surfer Against Sewage’s SAS 250 Club, allowing us to widen the environmental impact of all we do.

Top 30% Badge

And we’re also donating via Work for Good – which means that you can find us over there too. In 2019, we made it into Work for Good’s top 30% of regular business donators.

We’re working towards a position where we can ultimately donate 50% of net profits to environmental causes.  Thank you so much for joining us here, and being part of that vision.

We can all feel powerless sometimes in the face of the climate crisis, watching news story after news story that show us how the natural world is being damaged and destroyed day by day. But it is not hopeless, all is not yet lost – we can still make a difference.

Here are some other ways to stay connected to hope:

Appreciating nature

sea dog walkThis crisis reminds us to learn from nature, to spend time appreciating all we have, and to connect with others doing valuable work to protect and preserve the natural world, all around the globe.

Making change can be difficult, but returning to the sea offers continual reminders of what we love and why.  Grounded in our appreciation of the sea, we can draw the strength and motivation we need to move forward.

Noticing that we are not alone

…And when even that feels too hard, we can take a moment to pause, to acknowledge the power of positive actions taking place all around the world – the growing groundswell of support for our natural environment.

As we do so, we can slowly move ourselves into a more fluid, and less terrified, state of mind. One that allows us to move forward again.

women in the sea

When we feel alone, it can be empowering to connect with a group or environmental initiative that is making a positive impact close to home.

Taking small actions together

When we feel overwhelmed by the problems faced by the natural world, it helps to start taking those small steps, together, to protect the natural world that sustains us all.

Collecting just three pieces of rubbish from the beach may feel inconsequential, but it starts to make a difference. Not just to the world around us, but to our sense of agency.

Connecting with others

For example, locally, I love the work of Plastic Free Penzance and Surfers Against Sewage. Penzance, where we live, became the UK’s first plastic-free town last year. My kids have also inspired me by joining protests organised by Youth Strike 4 Climate.

A child holds up a homemade placard with the message 'save the animals (and us)

We can also look towards the ‘bigger fish’ in the world of environmental action, and towards those working further afield.

Who are the active and impactful organisations we can promote, encourage and support on this journey? Who is working towards strategic change at the highest levels? Again, enough of us choosing to donate just a small amount on a regular basis can form the basis of a powerful world-changing campaign.

Below, we’re gathering a list of some of the organisations who are already doing important work to protect our seas.

Please let us know about projects and organisations you support – together, we can learn more about the amazing community of sea-lovers of which we are all a part – working together to make a positive difference.

heart on beach 2Surfers Against Sewage
World Wildlife Fund
Global Ghost Gear Initiative
Ghostbusters ADLFG Recovery
Friends of the Earth
The Ocean Clean Up
Blue Life Connections
Authors For Oceans
I am Water
City to Sea
David Suzuki Foundation
The Ocean Cleanup
The Climate Coalition
The Ocean Foundation
10:10 Climate Action
Campaign Against Climate Change
Friends of the Earth (England and Wales)
Friends of the Earth (Scotland)
A boy stands on a promontory of rocks heading out to seaSea Life Trust: Cornish Seal Sanctuary 
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Falmouth Marine Conservation
The Ocean Foundation: Blue Mind Fund
Women’s Environmental Network
Marine Conservation Society
Sea Shepherd
Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center
5 Gyres
Plastics Oceans Foundation
Plastic Oceans UK
Ocean Conservancy
Extinction Rebellion
The Wildlife Trusts
Wicked Weather Watch

“The future is a fog that is still hanging out over the sea, a boat that floats home or does not.” Anne Sexton

As part of this journey, we’re starting to learn about the many innovative businesses working to build the circular economy, by using recycled marine materials – these include Odyssey Innovation, Finisterre, Planet Love Life, Econyl, and The Other Bag. And to learn more about organisations like The Economist Group World Ocean Initiative who try to find ways to marry economic needs with those of a healthy ocean. 

Let’s support all of these where we can, and continue to share information and resources, finding ways to connect and support each other.

And of course – feel free to buy Sea Soul Blessings for your friends and loved ones as tools to help manage anxiety and stress – while also saving the planet!

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.”
E.E. Cummings