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Some feedback about the Sea Soul Blessings cards and book:

IMG_3822“I adore my Sea Soul Blessings – I take them with me whenever I travel to help me feel connected to the ocean and to help set my intention for the day. So calming and affirming. Thank you for creating these!” Cal

“I have felt a great deal of peace with the guidance I draw daily.” Anon

“I choose a card every day, looking forward to some helpful advice. The message always means a lot to me, and helps me to feel very positive. I look forward to reading the booklet for more insights and I’m never disappointed. There’s always some message that speaks to me, and helps me to know what to do and how to make the best choices for the day. The sea is so full of wisdom and your guidance helps me to be a good listener.” Stella

“I love using them to set an intention at the beginning of my yoga classes, and to remind me to keep topping up my self compassion pot!” Hilary

“The timing of knowing I needed to buy Sea Soul Blessings and the change in pace of life is incredible. Each swim we have is booted up by reading the cards and book together. It’s brought us together as a group.” Lynda

“Sea Soul Blessings are meditation for heathens – they apply to everyone, regardless of their belief systems” Anon

“I love them – and so do my children! So much better than angel cards as these really speak to us.” Anon


“It feels like a message from a friend.” Anon

“It’s magic the way the blessing is always relevant, always inspiring and refreshing – like a swim in the sea.” Roz

“I love knowing that I’ve bought a great present for my friend (who loves them) and that I’ve supported a local maker” Anon

“I can’t imagine life without these beautiful, insightful cards now! They have become a bit of a morning ritual to ease me into my busy days, and the family join in too…  I use them when I feel stuck or when I feel I need a little more guidance on something, and every time they give just the right blessing and food for thought. There is such wisdom in them. Now purchasing for close friends and family. What a lovely gift to be able to give.” Kari

“There have been so many beautiful mind shifts caused by these cards and your words.” Anon

“I didn’t fully appreciate this oracle deck until I saw it in person. I own a few oracle decks already, and I’m not a person who is drawn to the sea (I am afraid of it actually) so I didn’t think these cards would be a good fit for me.


But then, I held the perfectly-sized small deck in my hands and I reconsidered. The photograph on the front of them is stunning. It beautifully captures the stairs that Pippa takes each day into her beloved sea, in Cornwall, England.

More than that, the photo pulls me in, it makes me want to enter where I have not dared… And this is precisely what her cards have done for me as well. Since buying the deck,  I have used it every day – and have consistently been blown away by the inspiring, timely messages. My husband has even joined me in this new daily ritual of spreading out our sea soul cards and rolling a shell over them to choose which ones to read. He has never been interested in anything like this before. Pippa is a beautiful writer, and I adore these cards. “ Madeline

“The cards are so gorgeous! I love having a little bit of the sea in my hands and being able to pull a card out as a moment of calm or meditation in my day. They are such a beautiful gift!” Lesley


“I carry my Sea Soul Blessings around with me as you never know when you need that moment of affirmation, encouragement or guidance to soothe and reassure your soul. These are wonderfully crafted and beautifully scripted blessings to help you make sense out of the sea mist. They are made by a lovely lady who has poured love into them and that love carries through.” Charlotte

“Beautiful and inspiring! A nurturing gift from the sea to dip in and out of and to have as a daily companion. I especially love the little booklet, so full of precious thoughts. Thank you Pippa for making these!!” Susanna

“Reminders of the magic all around us, the positive impact of stopping to connect and listen deeply to one’s body and intuition” Anon

“I love these – they are so calming and thought provoking.” Angela

“My friends were touched and delighted with their presents. I use them myself for inspiration and contemplation and find them extremely profound.” Anon


“Unique insightful cards which have already given me so much inspiration and guidance, and I am now purchasing packs as gifts for friends.” Pippa L

“I have used them almost every morning to start and guide my day. The messages are so encouraging and just what I need.” Anon

“I really wanted to let you know how much my clients are enjoying the Sea Soul Blessings. They’re really very different, and the effort that’s gone into them is palpable. You’ve really hit upon something special there, and you should be really proud of it. Every single card, and sometimes two cards, that people pick is just so apt, and the wisdom in the little book is always perfect. It really really helps people. Thank you. I love them. And my clients at Zen Reflexology are loving them too.” Clare S

“The cards themselves have surprised me in their tactile beauty (I already knew the words were awesome!). Several of my friends have already bought them for wild swimmers they know and I adore having a little bit of sea in my morning, mid-London-life. Thank you for the sea-centred-calm 💕” Nicola

“The thing that I love about these cards is that they aren’t cryptic. They aren’t Tarot (where you have to figure it out and learn all about Tarot before you can understand them), they aren’t complex Oracle cards, (where sometimes you’re just like, “what the?! what on earth are they saying?”). Instead, they’re very straightforward – real talk – things that you just wish you could close your eyes and hear somebody say to you. And that’s how they reach across barriers, span generations – and touch people that may not have had anything else like that in their life.” Hannah Marcotti

IMG_3131“I don’t live near the sea but spend every other weekend in Anglesey, drawn to the beautiful blue sea where I always feel at peace – I now have the cards for an everyday message, and I feel blessed to have come across this inspiring site.” Carol

“Being by the sea is one of my favourite places to be… There’s nothing better than standing by the waves, taking a deep breath and feeling the stress start to drift away, it helps put everything into perspective. I love these new @seasoulblessings cards.” Rachel and Lyndsey of Make and Mend

” I just got my amazing Sea Soul Blessings Cards all the way from Cornwall, England and they are amazing! Beautifully wrapped, lovely hand written card from Pippa, pretty bag to store them in, a book about how to use the cards for a more in-depth experience, not to mention the gorgeous cards themselves! I am so happy. And the first card I pulled was exactly what I needed today: may you pause. Y’all – order these cards for you and your friends!” Lisa

“You write so poetically. The mindfulness to stop and notice that your cards or reflections provoke is very special… This morning I picked ‘awe’. Finding the beauty in the simple things is a firm favourite anyway but I love your words about finding the sublime in the everyday. Taking time out from chores to focus on this and ‘notice miracles’ is a happy challenge indeed.” Louise


“One of the things I love about your cards, and your message, is the idea that we have all of these things inside of us, just like the sea has all these traits. We aren’t missing anything, we just need to remember to tap into it. “ Amy

“They are lovely to use every day, when we’re feeling low or stressed, or just because….” Anon

“Sea Soul Blessings are a daily dose of wisdom and inspiration that speak to my heart. Thank you Pippa for sharing your love and gifts from the sea.” Kathy

“Sea Soul Blessings have helped me find my inner voice again and trust in myself – I reach for them everyday and I’m always inspired” Anon

“I’ve found my Sea Soul Blessings cards to be very inspiring. It is so lovely to dip into them and reflect on the beautiful words. I bought these as a treat for myself, but I’m planning to buy more packs for friends as they will make a wonderful, thoughtful present.”  Donna

“Sea Soul Blessings give me a positive lift, and make me feel that I’m on the right track. Each card helps me pause, reflect, and see things with more clarity” Anon


“I love the blessings that appear online daily, but it is so nice to have such lovely tangible cards. I like to pull one and use it as a meditation or mantra to carry throughout the day.” Anon 

“These cards came to me at a time when they were really needed. I love the sea and these so beautifully written cards have helped me find my inner voice again and trust in myself! I reach for them everyday and I’m always inspired.” Georgia

I love my Sea Soul Blessings cards – so much that I gave them away to someone who I thought would love them as much as me! They not only encourage me to go on but also to step back and reflect.” Sonja

“I love to swim in the ocean and I feel more connected to it now.” Anon

“I adore your cards, Pippa! They are just so beautiful and so perfect. I feel this kind of tool is exactly what people need to nurture themselves in these trying times. You have truly created something very wonderful. Thank you. Many more people should definitely know about them, I will absolutely be telling my friends and family to take a look at the cards.


You’ve clearly worked so hard to create something that will resonate with people to encourage positivity and self-love, it’s such an incredible gift you give to others.” Robyn

“The insight and poetry that flows through the soul blessings are like pearls of wisdom plucked from the ocean itself! 

Each one has helped me pause, reflect and see things with more clarity. Each one manages to make me feel that I’m on the right track and gives me a kinda positive lift. I’m a fan!!!” Leif

“I love that it brings the sea into my life. I grew up by the sea but now live in London. I always miss the sea but this feels like a connecting thread. I also love the poetry, precision and positive spirit of the blessings. The connection between the words and the experience of swimming in the sea feeds into the clarity of the blessing and makes it feel like it’s from the sea…” Anon

“I love Sea Soul Blessings! They are perfect little messages” Loran

“Sea Soul Blessing are exactly what people need to nurture themselves in these trying times, encouraging positivity and self-love.” Anon

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It’s an amazing feeling to receive a card from across the ocean thanking me for Sea Soul Blessings (with a stunning photo of the sea on it of course…!). And I can’t explain the thrill of knowing that these cards and words are now gently rippling across the world and becoming compassionate and impactful parts of people’s lives – gently guiding and encouraging us all to be a little braver, a little kinder to ourselves, a little more connected to the sea. It really is such an honour to be present in your lives in this way. Thankyou. Sea Soul Blessings are making their way to Australia, America, Canada, Europe and across the UK. How amazing is that? And… this weekend, I have made up more box sets and bags ready to go! Is one of them for you or someone you love? I’m still keeping the offer open of a free digital download of the book when you buy the cards this month – because if you are drawn to these but can’t afford the whole set, I want you to be able to access sea magic nonetheless. (Link in profile) For me, this was so much more than #justacard to receive. And yet it also perfectly encapsulates the ‘just a card’ campaign – each small purchase you make can change a maker’s life for the better. Thankyou for holding me here, and helping to ripple the sea magic out across the world. #selfcompassion #thankyou #seasoulblessing #gratitude #madeincornwall #travellingtheworld

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Some feedback about Pippa’s personal readings – Sea Soul Insights and Sea Soul Sessions:

IMG_6103“WOW WOW WOW I AM BLOWN AWAY! Pure magic came from you! I probably don’t have the depth of vocabulary to adequately express how your reading was dead on perfect! Eerily so! And your warmth, kindness, and immense goodness radiate throughout! HUGE WOW!” Tiana

“I’d been feeling out of sorts for days, anxious, and worried that I’d cry the whole session. That all disappeared quickly.  It was like chatting with a really wise friend… I felt relaxed after, and more sure of some choices I was debating – and energized by what’s to come instead of sad and overwhelmed! I would highly recommend a session to anyone!” Lesley 

“As we began, there was no question that the Sea has chosen Pippa to deliver her gifts. It was as though with each wave that rolled in, there was a gift left to be revealed as it retreated back into the sea. Together we unpacked those gifts, diving in deeper and exploring the possibilities that were offered. Pippa, thank you for hearing this calling and stepping into it so fully. Both you and the sea have blessed me today.” Angie

“HOLY MOLY! I just don’t know how you do it! It was PERFECT yet again! More perfect than possible! And what is extra remarkable is your word choices and examples. You have a gift for presenting information in a unique, powerful, and perfect way. I guarantee if I searched every self help book out there, none would use the words, choices, and examples you give! You are magical in your ability to describe such subtleties and complexities!” Tiana