pippa best cape cornwallWelcome to Sea Soul Blessings.

I’m so happy that the sea has brought you here.

It brought me here too: I share your love for it. In fact, everything created here at Sea Soul Blessings is created with that love in mind. We’ve just launched our most sustainable box set yet – you can find that over here.

The sea inspires me every day.

That’s why I created our free online ’nature’ resource: hundreds of calming sea films and soothing words, each one providing a moment of peace and ‘blue mind’ connection – take your pick over on our Instagram.

Spending time in and around the sea, and coaching and supporting overwhelmed women for many years at Story of Mum, I’ve learnt that connecting to nature in simple mindful ways can be an incredibly powerful tool for overcoming our fears and self-doubt, and finding a positive way forward – even in the most challenging of times.


I want this website to be a space that soothes and inspires you when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and hopeless – just as our products do.

So as you explore this website, I’ll gently encourage you to pause and make space for yourself. To slow down and soak life up, drop by drop. To find a point of stillness amongst it all – even as life flows on, around and within us.

It’s also a place where we come together to tend to our beautiful planet. We work to make, package and post all of our products as sustainably as we can, and we donate directly to environmental organisations from each sale.

What do we make?

At Sea Soul Blessings, we make mindfulness and connecting to nature easier. Especially, connecting to the sea. Our cards awaken your ‘blue mind’ – using the power of the ocean to increase your calm, focus and clarity.


Using these daily can help you to overcome negative thought patterns, and to feel more connected and courageous.

It can have a positive impact on the world around you – on the people and the places that you love.

I use them every day, and they’ve completely transformed how I live my life.

Our community uses Sea Soul Blessings in all sorts of ways – to overcome our inner critics; to find greater compassion for ourselves and others; to connect more deeply with those we love; to create a moment of peace and self care; and to move forward with greater confidence.

Together, we’ll use them to build the resilience and strength we all need to protect the oceans that so inspire and support us.


Read some of our reviews to see how Sea Soul Blessings are helping others to find greater peace, hope, and resilience.

What can you find here?

Sea Soul Blessings are our most popular resource: simple cards and a guidebook that transform your perspective on life and support you to move forward.

Sea Soul Blessing postcards are individual postcards featuring the sea and sea soul blessings: inspirational ways to connect with those you love.

Sea Soul Insights are a personal one card reading, as an audio message. These are offered by donation, and can deepen your experience of using the cards.

Sea Soul Sessions are one to one online sessions with me, in which I use the cards to explore your current challenges and hopes, offering gentle guidance and self compassion tools to move you forward.

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The sea every day –  I share a clip of the sea and a Sea Soul Blessing every day on social media – follow us on facebook and instagram to view these.

You can also see our most recent sea films on the right hand side of this page, and some of my favourites over here.

All of the tools and everyday practices described above have played a vital part in my own journey (find out more about that here) – as I’ve grown my connection with the sea.

And of course, it’s an ongoing journey – because there is always something new to learn on the tide. I look forward to travelling the seas with you.

Pippa Best