pippa best cape cornwallWelcome to Sea Soul Blessings.

I’m so happy that the sea has brought you here.

It brought me here too: I share your love for it. In fact, everything created here at Sea Soul Blessings is created with that love in mind.

I want to remind you of how the sea can make you feel – to reconnect you to that feeling when life is too busy – and to make it possible for you to feel that way more often.

I want to help you to feel calmer, clearer and less anxious every day, to inspire your personal development, and help you to believe in yourself.  I want to deepen your awareness and appreciation of the sea – and together, to widen the positive impact we’re able to have on the world around us. On both the people and the places that we love.

So as you explore this website, or use your own Sea Soul Blessings, I’ll gently encourage you to pause and make space for yourself. To slow down and soak life up, drop by drop. To find a point of stillness amongst it all – even as life flows on, around and within us.

I’ve created all sorts of lovely ways to bring a mindful pause, deep connection and gentle  encouragement into your daily life.


You can use the tools here to access greater compassion for yourself, and for others – and to move forward with greater clarity and confidence.

Vitally, you’ll be reminded that you’re not alone – in your love of the sea, or in life. You have a community of sea lovers swimming alongside you, gently encouraging you to take the next brave step.

Sea Soul Blessings are simple cards that you can use as daily prompts, or gift to a friend to encourage them forward.

Sea Soul Blessing postcards are individual postcards featuring the sea and sea soul blessings: inspirational ways to connect with those you love.

Sea Soul Cuffs are one-of-a-kind simple stainless steel bracelets for all – a wearable reminder of your passion for the sea, and all it brings you.

lake peace

Sea Soul Insights are a one card reading, just for you, as an audio message. These are offered by donation, so that they are accessible to all.

Sea Soul Sessions are one to one online sessions with me, in which I use the cards to explore your current challenges and hopes, offering gentle guidance and self compassion tools to move you forward.

The sea every day – I share a clip of the sea and a Sea Soul Blessing every day on social media – follow Sea Soul Blessings on facebook and instagram to view these. You can see our most recent sea films on the right hand side of this page, and find some of my favourites over here.

All of the tools and everyday practices described above have played a significant part in my own journey (find out more about that here) – as I’ve grown my connection with the sea. And of course, it’s an ongoing journey – because there is always something new to learn on the tide.

I look forward to travelling the seas with you.

Pippa Best