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Please contact Sea Soul Blessings founder Pippa Best via this email form in the first instance, and we will provide a phone number so that you can discuss any press enquiries directly.

Pippa is a writer, experienced script editor, entrepreneur and coach who has worked with screenwriters at all levels, developed and led extensive media business development programmes, and created an impactful social enterprise to support mums via coaching, retreats, online courses and community, including an international motherhood exhibition.

Sea Soul Blessings is her first foray into creating mindfulness tools inspired by nature and building a community around our love for the sea – and it’s an adventure on which she hopes to make significant positive changes to our minds and the world.

A mother of two living in Cornwall, Pippa swims in the sea all year round. She is passionate about how we connect to nature, and our responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world.


She believes deeply in the “blue mind” benefits and positive impact on mental and physical health of  spending time in and by the sea – and the life-changing impact of incorporating self compassion and daily mindfulness practices into daily life. Not just on ourselves, but on all those we love.

Pippa’s journey to create Sea Soul Blessings has allowed her to overcome mental and physical challenges – learning to move through anxiety and defy her inner critic, to manage the pain of early onset arthritis and recovery from a foot injury.

It has also helped her to find hope for the planet in a time of crisis, and to trust her instincts and connection to a bigger life purpose, even when it meant making a brave and scary move into a completely new business world and career path in her 40s.

Sea Soul Blessings have been featured in Kindred Spirit and Spirit and Soul Magazine. Reviews from customers and clients appear here.