How to use your cards

Use your Sea Soul Blessings to create space for tender connection in your day: a small but powerful reminder that you are worthy of rest and affection, you are loved, and you are not alone.

Quiet and potent guides, your cards can connect you more deeply to your intuition and to the magic of the sea. As prompts, they encourage personal reflection and growth, and support you to nurture a regular self-compassion practice.

There are no rules or ‘shoulds’ in using your Sea Soul Blessings cards. This is about trusting the sea, your instincts, and your inner compassionate self to guide you.

You could draw a card for a simple loving focus for the day ahead, to set a theme or intention for a special event or seasonal shift, or as a meditation mantra or prayer. They can also be used as a prompt for discussion and journalling.  Used individually or in groups, they allow the sea to guide your connection.

To start your journey, here are some initial suggestions of ways in which you could use your Sea Soul Blessings.

Choosing a card:

To choose a card, you could start by simply taking a moment to make space: to settle and breathe.

Identify a question or an area in which you would like guidance.

You might like to imagine the sea, or to draw your cards next to the sea if you are lucky enough to be near the ocean.

To choose a card instinctively, you could lay out the blessings, face down, and see where your attention is drawn. You could roll a pebble or shell across the cards to see where it lands. You could simply pull your card from the pack as you hold these in your hand, or display them in a bowl.

You could explore your initial reaction to the card you draw – How does this feel? Where are you experiencing this in your life? Where is this more challenging?

Deeper exploration:

Each collection of Sea Soul Blessings cards is accompanied by a beautiful mini booklet: for each card, this provides a description of the sea’s engagement with this particular quality, and a circle of additional blessings.

To deepen your understanding of your reading, you could read the detailed description here, and notice which elements of this resonate most with you.

There is no single ‘correct’ interpretation of each Sea Soul Blessing: trust your intuition to understand what this means to you.

May you find balance

The sea teaches you balance through constant movement. No single point of perfect stillness, but harmony in the flowing dance of in and out, high and low. In the legs kicking under the surface, even as the body glides above the water, softly held.

May you find equilibrium in motion. May you honour cycles.
May you offer the same support to yourself that you offer others.
May your heart always be equal to the questions it is asked.

You could also choose a second blessing card to shine more light on the first, exploring how the two blessings might combine and complement each other.

If you chose ‘may you have faith’, followed by ‘may you persist’, you could ask yourself – how might I bring a quality of persistence to how I am experiencing faith in my life right now?

Or with ‘may you allow’ followed by ‘may you feel belonging’, you could ask – how might I bring a sense of belonging to my experience of allowing what is right now?

Notice how you connect with your blessing through your day. When does this feel accessible? When does it feel most difficult to accept?

You can also repeat the words to yourself as you need them – for example, as part of a self compassion practice.

Developing a self compassion practice:

The sea has played a key role in my own journey of self-compassion and self -tending. If you so wish, your Sea Soul Blessings can also be used as a tool to practise supporting yourself with kindness.

Developing self compassion is a long and tender process, especially if you, like me, have a loud inner critic. But having practiced speaking to myself with self-compassion and taking a kinder approach to myself, my flaws and ‘failures, I now have a compassionate voice that sits alongside the critical voice in my head. And I can choose to listen to the kind voice whenever I need to.

Not only has my development of self-compassion made my internal chatter easier to manage, it has also changed how I react to those around me, especially my partner and children: allowing me to soften and step into greater kindness towards them too.

To bring a self-compassion practice to your use of the Sea Soul Blessings, you can incorporate a gentle awareness of your compassionate internal voice, the repetition of these compassionate words towards yourself, and soothing touch.

When you have chosen your card, repeat the card’s blessing to yourself, imagining that you have a compassionate friend supporting you with this. You may prefer to use the additional circle of blessings in the booklet – notice what works best for you.

With each in-breath, gently encourage yourself to receive the words of kindness. With each out-breath, slowly release any resistance, softening into the emotions.

As you listen to the words and breathe for a minute or more, you could also soothe yourself with gentle touch – such as placing your hand on your heart, holding or gently squeezing your own hand as if it was the hand of a friend, stroking your arm, or giving yourself a gentle hug – whatever feels kindest to you.

Often, this practice will feel uncomfortable at first, but over time, the discomfort will ease as you accept this kindness towards yourself.

For more information about self-compassion, I recommend an exploration of Kristin Neff’s work. This has had a profound impact on me and many others. Visit her website at

Every day, the sea offers space for you to claim what you most need, and to understand your connection to the world around you.

In each moment, it recreates itself. The horizon is wide, rich with possibility and fresh perspective.