How to use your cards

“I keep them by my bed and when I feel the need for guidance, I shuffle and take a card, then read the meaning. I hold it close to me and smile – as I feel they are just the perfect answer to whatever is happening in that moment. They help me to keep a sense of perspective about what is happening in my life.” Swazi

There are no rules or ‘shoulds’ when you use your Sea Soul Blessings cards. You get to choose what works best for you.

SSB compassion low res

Use them alone, or as a way to support those you love.

Use them to create space for tender connection in your day: a small but powerful reminder that you are worthy of rest and affection, you are loved, and you are not alone.

Use them as prompts for discussion and journalling, to encourage personal reflection and growth, and as support to nurture a regular self-compassion practice.

You might draw a card to set a simple loving focus for the day ahead, to choose a theme or intention for a special event or seasonal shift, or as a meditation mantra or prayer.

“I carry my cards in my bag with me everywhere I go (they even came on holiday with me!). Whenever I doubt myself I use my cards to give me a little insight. They normally help me take a breath and be calmer.” Georgia

Trust the sea, your instincts, and your inner compassionate self to guide you. However you use them, your cards will be quiet and potent guides, connecting you more deeply to your intuition and to the magic of the sea.

A ritual for choosing your cards:

“Shuffle, listen and pick… I do it whenever I need a boost.” Lucy 

Before you draw yourself a card, you might want to take a moment to make space: to settle and breathe. You could imagine the sea, or draw your cards next to the sea (if you are lucky enough to be near the ocean…). You might choose to identify a question or an area in which you would like guidance. You might want to take some mindful time to lay out all the cards – a mini meditation in itself.

SSB cards book with heart urchins small file

To pick your card, you could:

  • Place all the blessings face down, and see where your attention is drawn.
  • Roll a pebble or shell across the cards to see where it lands.
  • Fan out the cards, and pull your card from there.
  • Pick one straight from the box

Once you have chosen a card, notice your reaction:

  • What do you feel about this statement?
  • Where are you experiencing this in your life?
  • Where is this more challenging?

“I use Sea Soul Blessings in the morning with my daughter – we draw a card or three in the car on the school run. It’s a useful distraction on those mornings when she really doesn’t feel like going to school. And it often provokes a conversation about something she’s been worried about but hasn’t felt able to discuss before. It’s a tool that gives her the confidence to talk: there’s a sense that the cards themselves understand, and she feels hears. It always shifts the mood and works as a kind of ‘pick-me-up’ for both of us” Pip L

Deeper exploration:

The Sea Soul Blessings cards are accompanied by a beautiful mini book to guide you further.

SSB compassion low res

For each card, the mini book provides a description, and a circle of additional blessings.

You might like to read the detailed description here, and notice which elements of this resonate most with you.

Remember – there is no single ‘correct’ interpretation of each Sea Soul Blessing: trust your intuition to understand what this means to you.

It might be that one particular part of the blessing particularly resonates with you today – that’s the bit to pay attention to.

Here’s an example of the information you will find in the book about each card – in this case, “may you find balance”:


May you find BALANCE

The sea teaches you balance through constant movement. No single point of perfect stillness, but harmony in the flowing dance of in and out, high and low. In the legs kicking under the surface, even as the body glides above the water, softly held.

May you find equilibrium in motion. May you honour cycles. May you offer the same support to yourself that you offer others. May your heart always be equal to the questions it is asked.

How might these words apply to your current situation? How might they help you to move forward today? What small step could you take inspired by these thoughts?

As you go about your day, notice how you connect with your blessing. When does this feel accessible? When does it feel most difficult to accept or to find?

“I have mine in a little cup near the front door of our home. On my way out the door with the kids, I try to grab one and read it as a way to ground before heading out into the world. The cards help me to take a pause and a big deep breath; I feel immediately drawn back into presence and back into my body. I will often contemplate the word as I drive to do school drop-off and then will come back to read and deepen into the description later.” Alaya

You might also like to repeat the words to yourself – for example, as part of a self compassion practice –  find out how to develop your own daily self compassion practice over here.

“We like to hold the pack a bit like a deck of cards and pull one out at random, but there are so many different ways you can select a card… The main idea is that the card you do pull out affirms a feeling you may have, a worry, a question, or it may even help set the tone for your day. It is an excellent wellness tool that enables you to positively charge up your energy and to show yourself a little kindness and self-compassion at a time when you may be struggling to find those things.” Becky

When one card isn’t enough…

square layout of cards

If you find it hard to understand or accept the meaning of the card, you could choose yourself a second blessing card, or even a third – I love giving myself a three card reading for the week ahead.

You can use the second card to shine more light on the first, exploring how the two blessings might combine and complement each other.

For example, if you chose ‘may you have faith’, followed by ‘may you persist’, you could ask yourself – how might I bring a quality of persistence to how I am experiencing faith in my life right now?

Or with ‘may you allow’ followed by ‘may you feel belonging’, you could ask – how might I bring a sense of belonging to my experience of allowing what is right now?

A three card reading

You might like to try using a three card spread to reflect past, present and future – or to explore how three different qualities might flow together to guide you forward at this point in your life – something that I love to do in Sea Soul Sessions.

may you be present

“When I read the words of the card I’ve chosen, it’s as if my vision widens – and I’m able to see a new direction I could take. It’s restorative. It refreshes me, just like the experience of being in nature.” Pip L

To read more about ways to use your cards, you might like to explore how to use them to create a regular self compassion practice next.