How to use your cards

There are no rules or ‘shoulds’ when you use your Sea Soul Blessings cards. You get to choose what works best for you. But here, we share some ideas about ways to use your Sea Soul Blessings cards and book. 

17People use their Sea Soul Blessings cards in many different ways.

For many, they’re a daily reminder to pause and tend to themselves for a change – instead of focusing all their attentions on everyone else.

When we draw a card at random, we invite ourselves into a moment of quiet. We stop what we’re doing, let go of what we’re worrying about, and bring ourselves into the present moment. We open up to guidance – from the sea, and within ourselves.

Soaking up the cards’ wisdom, we give ourselves time to reflect on how we feel and what we need. We soothe our sea souls, our nervous system and our busy mind. A ‘blue mind’ pause that helps us to think more clearly, and step forward into our day with a greater sense of purpose and focus.


Each blessing also encourages us to speak to ourselves with greater kindness.

The more we use the blessings, the more we become accustomed to speaking to ourselves in a new and more compassionate way.

We learn that we can motivate ourselves more effectively with kindness than with criticism.

The cards also act as daily reminders that we are loved (especially by the person that gave us the cards!), and that we are not alone in our struggles.

Where can I use my cards?

Wherever you like! By the sea is perfect, but absolutely anywhere will do.

“I carry my cards in my bag with me everywhere I go. Whenever I doubt myself, I use my cards for a little insight. They help me take a breath and be calmer.” Georgia

faithSome people keep their cards with them, and choose one whenever they feel anxious or need a little extra guidance and support. Others use theirs at home, displaying their daily cards on their desk or mantlepiece as reminders of the sea’s wisdom.

“I keep them by my bed and when I feel the need for guidance, I shuffle and take a card, then read the meaning. I hold it close to me and smile – as I feel they are just the perfect answer to whatever is happening in that moment.” Swazi

How can I use the cards to guide me?


You might draw a card to set a simple compassionate focus for the day ahead – or before you go to bed.

You could choose one to offer a theme or intention for a special event, birthday,  or the change in seasons.

You can choose a card with a particular question in mind – and allow that card to guide your thoughts and energy in relation to this. Or simply choose a card to see what comes up.

You might use your card as a prompt for discussion or journalling. Or repeat it throughout the day as an affirmation, meditation tool, mantra, or prayer.  

IMG_3843_COYou might use the cards to create space for yourself.

Pausing to draw yourself a card can be a powerful reminder that you are worthy of time, rest and affection.

When you’re feeling lonely, the words of the card can also remind you that you are loved.

Many of our community use the cards to help them develop greater self-compassion.

Using the words of the cards to speak more kindly to yourself on a daily basis can become a regular gentle self-compassion practice – it quietly retrains your brain, by illustrating how to offer an alternative to your inner critic every day. You can find some more ideas about how to create a regular self compassion practice here.

So often, it feels like the right card comes at exactly the right time – as if the universe is giving you exactly the words you need right now – connecting you to something greater than yourself.


Can I use Sea Soul Blessings with other people?

You might use the cards alone, or with your loved ones – sharing them with your partner or your children, your friends and family can bring you closer together, prompt valuable conversations, and help you feel connected when you’re apart.

For me, one of the greatest pleasures lies in sharing the many benefits of Sea Soul Blessings with others – whether we’re far away from each other, or in need of some extra inspiration and encouragement together.

“My husband and I draw a card for both of us every morning. We then get to discuss it together. It is often a card that perfectly applies to whatever is going on in our life and it is always a positive inspiration.” Madeline


“I use Sea Soul Blessings in the morning with my daughter. It often provokes a conversation about something she’s been worried about – giving her the confidence to talk: there’s a sense that the cards themselves understand, and she feels heard. It always shifts the mood and works as a kind of ‘pick-me-up’ for both of us” Pip L

How do I choose a card?

“Shuffle, listen and pick… I do it whenever I need a boost.” Lucy 

May you be clear - A Sea Soul Blessing card held up by a hand in front of the sea

You can choose your card however you like.

Often, I’ll just pull a random card from the pack, but if you’d like to offer yourself a longer ritual, there are some ideas for this below.

However you choose, your cards will be quiet and potent guides, connecting you more deeply to your intuition and to the magic of the sea.

Trust the sea, your instincts, and your inner compassionate self to lead you to the card you need right now. 

“I use them in the morning when I wake up – they help me to focus on the day.  Instead of thinking about tomorrow, next week, next year, they help me to be here in the day I’m in right now.” Angela

How do I create a ritual around choosing my cards?


If you have a little more time, you might like to use your cards to create a more meditative and thoughtful ritual – here are some ideas about how to do that.

Before you start, you might want to take a moment to make space within and without: to settle and breathe.

You could take a few moments to imagine the sea, or even draw your cards next to the sea (if you are lucky enough to be near the ocean…).

Before you choose your card, you might choose to identify a question or an area in which you would like guidance.

“I usually use Sea Soul Blessings before going to bed, or in the morning, when I have time to relax and meditate. It’s important to reflect on life now and then, and the cards and book provide words of wisdom that calm my soul in moments when I need direction – or I need an answer.” Simone

90F5ADD6-A7E2-4942-872A-85ACC54169ABTo pick your card, you could:

  • Pick one straight from the box
  • Fan out the cards, and pull your card from there.
  • Create a pattern as you lay out the cards – this can be a mindful meditation in itself. Simply notice where your attention is drawn.
  • Roll a pebble or shell across the cards and choose the card where it lands.

Once you have chosen a card, notice your reaction: What do you feel about this statement? Where are you experiencing this in your life?Where is this more challenging?

“We like to hold the pack like a deck of cards and pull one out at random… The main idea is that the card you pull affirms a feeling you may have, a worry, a question – or it may even help set the tone for your day. It enables you to positively charge up your energy, and show yourself a little kindness and self-compassion at a time when you may be struggling to find those things.” Becky

How can I go deeper?

Create your own rituals around the cards and book. Can you create an environment at home that brings the sea to mind – or get to the sea itself? Think about what you already love to do and ask yourself how you might combine these cards with that activity?

jade 8

“I use Sea Soul Blessings before I go for a swim in the ocean or a tidal pool. The ocean is my outlet in times of stress, worry, or flashbacks from my PTSD. I will choose a card at random and have that blessing in my mind when I enter the water. I try to feel and focus on that, to make sure that I get what I want out of the swim – a sense of relief, space, peace, and feeling cleansed of those horrible worries and thoughts.” Jade

How do I use the book?


The Sea Soul Blessings cards are accompanied by a beautiful mini book to guide you further.

For each card, the mini book provides a description, and a circle of additional blessings.

You might find the simple blessing on the card enough – but if you’d like more detail, you can read the detailed description in the book.

Remember – there is no single ‘correct’ interpretation of each Sea Soul Blessing: trust your intuition to understand what this means to you.

Below is an example of the additional interpretation you will find in the book about each card – going deeper into that particular sea quality and insight. To read more, follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we share words from the book every day.

May you find BALANCE

The sea teaches you balance through constant movement. No single point of perfect stillness, but harmony in the flowing dance of in and out, high and low. In the legs kicking under the surface, even as the body glides above the water, softly held.

May you find equilibrium in motion. May you honour cycles. May you offer the same support to yourself that you offer others. May your heart always be equal to the questions it is asked.


How can I use the cards to make changes in my life?

When you read the description in the book, you may find that one particular section of phrase particularly resonates with you. If so, pay attention to that and become curious about what this might be guiding you towards right now.

To explore how this blessing relates to your life right now, you might ask yourself: How might these words apply to my current situation? How might they help me to move forward today? How could I bring this particular sea quality into my day? What small step could I take inspired by these thoughts?

As you go about your day, take time to notice how you continue to connect (or not connect) with your blessing: Where do I find this feeling in my life? And where does it feel most difficult to find? Do I want to feel this more – or less – and what would help me to achieve that?


“I keep mine in a little cup near the front door of our home. On my way out, I grab one and read it as a way to ground before heading out into the world. The cards help me to take a pause and a big deep breath; I feel immediately drawn back into presence and into my body. I will often contemplate the word as I drive to do school drop-off, and then will come back to read and deepen into the description later.” Alaya

What if one card isn’t enough?


If you find it hard to understand or accept the meaning of the card you draw, keep going…

You could choose yourself a second blessing card, and use this to shine a light on the first.

Explore how the two blessings might combine and complement each other.

For example, if you chose ‘may you have faith’, followed by ‘may you persist’, you could ask yourself – What would help me to persist in my pursuit of faith right now?

Or with ‘may you allow’ followed by ‘may you feel belonging’, you could ask – Where do I feel I belong, that can help me to allow the events of my life right now?

A three card reading

Sea Soul Sessions

I love giving myself a three card reading for the week ahead – and displaying my cards in the case to remind me of my focus.

You could use a three card spread to reflect past, present and future – or to explore how three different qualities might flow together to guide you forward right now.

If you’d like a personal reading, sign up for a Sea Soul Session in these sessions, we connect live online, and I draw you three Sea Soul Blessings cards and explore how these might guide you right now – we also start with a short sea meditation, and end with a simple self compassion exercise – so it’s a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of all these things, and go more deeply into the meaning of the cards. 

If you have any more questions, do get in touch – we’d love to help.

“When I read the words of the card I’ve chosen, it’s as if my vision widens – and I’m able to see a new direction I could take. It’s restorative. It refreshes me, just like the experience of being in nature.” Pip L

To read more about ways to use your cards, you might like to explore how to use them to create a regular self compassion practice next.