Sea Soul Insight

Sea Soul Insight: A one card reading as an audio recording.
fee by donation

“WOW WOW WOW I AM BLOWN AWAY! Pure magic came from you! I probably don’t have the depth of vocabulary to adequately express how your reading was dead on perfect! Eerily so! And your warmth, kindness, and immense goodness radiate throughout! HUGE WOW!” Tiana

Sea Soul Insight

Feeling stuck? Would you like to access some deeper wisdom about your life, and have your questions answered with love and tender compassion?

A moment of Sea Soul Insight can bring calm, self compassion, encouragement, and a deeper faith in yourself – when life feels overwhelming and unclear.

A Sea Soul Insight is a one card reading, drawn and interpreted by Pippa Best, (the creator of Sea Soul Blessings). Your moment of Sea Soul Insight is recorded as a short 1 to 3 minute audio file, sent to you by email.

This offering is paid by donation, allowing you to pay what you are able to afford right now. To purchase, click on ‘view product’, enter your donation amount in the ‘pay as you want’ box, and click on ‘buy now’.




square layout of cardsYou do not need to have a set of Sea Soul Blessing cards in order to participate – but if you do, it will deepen your understanding of how to use these.

Once you’ve donated, send me your question. Within three days of receiving your question, I will connect to the sea as I hold your question, drawing you a Sea Soul Blessings card in response.

I’ll then record you a short audio, and send this to you by email.

You can listen to the recording as often as you wish – whenever you need a reminder to connect to that particular Sea Soul Blessing.

Your audio recording is a little dose of sea wisdom with which to gently guide yourself or those you love – a Sea Soul Insight that connects you to the sea and your own strength; that encourages you to pause and reflect, to practice self compassion and step into your day refreshed and retuned.

To purchase, click on ‘view product’, enter your donation amount in the ‘pay as you want’ box, and click on ‘buy now’.



Trust your gut and heart on this one – there are no right or wrong questions.

Your question could be something simple like…
“what wisdom does the sea have for me today?”

Or you might have a more specific question such as:
how could I approach my infuriating work situation?”
“what quality could I cultivate to bring more energy into my life right now?”
“how can I discover what will really fulfil me?”
“what do I need in order to make this difficult life change?”


Thank you very much for your beautiful reading. It was very thoughtful and it resonated with me.”

IMG_4219“It was lovely, soothing, and containing – very relevant.”


“Thank you for the lovely card reading – I listened to it when I got into bed last night and have just listened again…”

I found it really helpful and like a confirmation that I am approaching life in the right way at the minute”

“Wow! I am loving that. Thank you so much”

“It’s all so perfect that I stopped listening part way through so that I can set aside a special time to fully absorb your aura and words! However I had to let you know, before I even heard it all, just how perfect it is! You are greatly appreciated!”


If you find it hard to choose a donation amount, the suggested guide price for a single card reading is £9. If you are able to invest more, you will be helping to subsidise the cost for those who are able to invest less, helping us to ripple out the sea soul magic to all that need it.

In gratitude for the sea’s guidance, we will pass a proportion of your donation to us on to environmental causes (10%).


Sea Soul Insight gift voucher

Yes we do – because sometimes those we love need some extra encouragement.

A single card reading can be a powerful way to ground and support them from a distance.

It reminds them to be kind to themselves, supports gentle movement forward, and allows them to see that they are both valuable and loved.

When you purchase a Sea Soul Insight, you will be able to download a gift voucher to print or forward to your loved one by email. You will need to reply to your order confirmation email with the recipients’ name so that we can authorise their reading when they contact us – we’ll remind you of this when you buy.