The many benefits of cold water sea swimming…

IMG_3569 2

I wrote an article recently for the Art of Healthy Living…

It was all about the many physical and emotional health benefits of cold water sea swimming.

An endorphin-releasing metabolic boost, glowing skin, increased confidence and reduced stress – what are you waiting for…?

You can read the full article over here.

Here’s a little taste…

This will be my third autumn/winter season as a sea swimmer on the Cornish coast, and it’s a daily ritual that has changed my life for the better. It’s made me physically and mentally stronger, calmer and happier – it even inspired me to build a whole new business around my love for the sea, searching for ways to protect all that it gives us…

If you’re curious about trying cold water sea swimming, September is the perfect time to transition from summer to autumn swims: while it may feel cooler on land, the water itself is only a few degrees below our British summer sea temperatures (which aren’t very warm in the first place…), so there’s still time to acclimatize.

While research studies of cold water sea swimming are still in their infancy, there’s already some scientific evidence – and a huge amount of anecdotal evidence – of its health-boosting benefits…

Keep reading over here. I’d love to know what you think.

Can I persuade you to get into the water with me…? It was toasty in there this morning…!

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