Sea Soul community: Loveday

This is the fourth in our series of interviews to deepen the connections between all of us who love Sea Soul Blessings. Today, we’re interviewing someone very special – my daughter!

To be honest, I was a little stunned by how many of her answers are so similar to mine – but I guess that shouldn’t be so surprising after all.

So read on to find out what matters to an 8 year old, and how she uses her own Sea Soul Blessings…

Thoughtful young girl looking up

Tell us a little bit about you: 

My name is Loveday. My age is 8. I live in Penzance. I like swimming in the sea.

At school my favourite subjects are art and maths and my hobbies are cross country, kickboxing, choir and drama. Oh and swimming.

What does nature, and the sea in particular, mean to you?

Nature means very much to me. We need to take better care of it.  The sea is nice, healthy for you, and it’s free.

How do you feel on a good day?

Happy. Excited – well, nervous-excited of what’s going to happen next.

How do you feel on a bad day?

Quite sad. A bit grumpy. And probably I might start annoying people. And probably actually annoying myself.


Who or what is inspiring or influencing you right now?

Mummy. Daddy. The woman footballer who played for Arsenal who’s on Strictly Come Dancing. And she played for England. John Brolly, my drama teacher.

don’t know what his name is but my cross country teacher. He’s very kind because when people are doing something a bit cheeky, he does get a bit cross. But when you’re doing good, he’s really nice.

Greta Thunberg – because she’s an activist that’s very passionate about the environment, like me.

What do you worry about on a typical day?

Brexit. Dad’s work – the stress of it. And your work – sometimes that’s stressful for you. Friends – them falling out sometimes. Homework – not getting it in, because I once in my life forgot to bring it in.

Where do you find joy?

Doing my hobbies. Playing with friends. School – my teachers, they’re funny.

Girl reads a book in window nook

What do you love to do, read, watch or listen to?

I love reading Horrible Histories, Funny Fingers, and Harry Potter.

I love dancing, swimming, eating and sleeping.

I like watching television – Odd Squad, Blue Peter, Mr Magoo, Mr Bean, The Dengineers, 44 Cats, and films.

I like listening to music – (*starts singing*) “I love it when you call me Senorita” .

What makes you cross?

My brother annoying me. My parents shouting. Arguing, and my friends falling out.

Joyful girl in wetsuit plays in the wavees

How do you look after yourself?

Dancing, sea swimming, and sleeping.  Relaxing.

Playing with my house that I made for a school project out of cardboard.

What would you most like to change about your life?

I don’t want to change anything about my life.

Apart from people not listening about climate change – some people think it’s a lie.

What have you learnt about life that you wish you’d understood earlier?

“You can’t do everything. Like you can’t be everywhere, and you can’t do every club. And you can’t find everything easy.”

Ow! But you can hurt yourself when you’re dancing (*she was dancing mid-interview, and she’s just tripped up mid-move*) …I’ve broken something. I’ve twisted it, we’ll have to go to the doctors… MUM! Are you writing that down? Ha ha ha ha.  (*she’s fine*)

girl enjoying the water

How would you describe Sea Soul Blessings in 3 words?

Amazing. Mum- making… And cupcakes…

No not cupcakes! Three words, last word, ummmm….

Strongly-thought, as in brain – like really thinking about it.

How do you use your Sea Soul Blessings? What do they help you to change?

Well that’s a hard one. Hmmmm. I use them to calm me down. To make me feel happy. And to just relax. They help me to stop being all angry and urrrrrrggh.

If someone was thinking about trying Sea Soul Blessings, how would you encourage them?

Probably saying “ooh go on to the website – it’s very good and it has my interview on it” (*bursts into laughter again…*)

girl sits on a rock looking out at a lake

If you (or your child…!) would like to be featured in one of these interviews, I would love that, get in touch.

And of course, if you’d like to get yourself some Sea Soul Blessings, you can do that right here.

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