Sea Soul community: Lucy

This is the third in our series of interviews to deepen the connections between all of us who love the sea and Sea Soul Blessings. Today, we’re interviewing Lucy Benton of Oreos and Gin.

Lucy talks about how she looks after herself on the days when she just wants to hide away in a blanket fort, and how she uses her Sea Soul Blessings cards when she needs a boost – along with some of her gorgeous photos!

Tell us a little bit about you: 


I’m Lucy Benton, I’m 31, and I live on the Isle of Wight with my husband, our 2 sons (aged 8 & 4) and our Cat called Charlie (aged 6.5). I run an Etsy store called Daisy Meadow Designs where I sell all sorts of lovely things – like my favourite washi tape, stationery and customised T-shirts.

What does nature, and the sea in particular, mean to you?

Nature (and particularly the sea) means a lot to me. It is the first place I go to when I need some calm & clarity.  It grounds me literally and figuratively.

I like to be among the tall trees in the forest, and I like to sit by the water’s edge watching the waves form and crash. The unending nature of it helps me reset.

I long to swim in the sea one day too, I’m working on it!

How do you feel on a good day?


On a good day, I feel capable and proud of how I manage all the things in my life.

I don’t focus on the negative things in my life and I am able to notice all the good in it.

How do you feel on a bad day?

Like I’m walking through treacle.

I often want to build a blanket fort and never come out. I feel overwhelmed with things in my life and my inner critic flourishes.

Who or what is inspiring you right now?

“I’m inspired by this new tide of female strength that I’m seeing unfold in all spheres of our society. I just finished reading Chanel Miller’s book “Know my Name” – so she’s on my mind a lot.”

What do you worry about on a typical day?

46449224_554700724984170_3571657862339887104_oI worry about my business and how much it takes out of me.

I worry about my boys: how I’m going to manage the tween stage my eldest has recently entered, and all the complexities that come with that.

And my littlest’s shy nature (how to help him see it’s ok not to be as loud as his brother is) and his health.

I worry about my health too, and how limiting my body can sometimes be.

I worry about my sister, my hubby overworking and not really taking time for himself. I worry about the state of the world.

Where do you find joy?

I find joy in the mundane nature of our family life, cat videos, film & time with my friends. 

What do you love to do, read, watch or listen to?

IMG_1757I love to read different sorts of stuff, from memoirs to commercial fiction such as Milly Johnson, Erica James, and Dorothy Koomson.

I watch a lot of Netflix, but usually series I have seen before – like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Gilmore Girls. I also enjoy series like Grace & Frankie, Queer Eye & Fresh off the Boat.

I go to the cinema quite regularly, and I listen to BBC Radio 2 and Audible – which is kind of like reading – and Spotify where I listen to podcasts such as Super Soul Conversations, & playlists such as All Out 80s. 

What makes you cross?

“I get cross when I see any kind of injustice & prejudice.

How do you look after yourself?

To look after myself, I take time out to read, watch or plan creatively, (AKA using lots of stickers, washi tape & gorgeous stationery!)

What would you most like to change about your life?


Without sounding too materialistic, I’d love to buy our first home (we’re working on it).

The rental market isn’t very stable at the moment, and we’ve had a few blows where people sold their houses and we had to move.

Being in control (in some way) would make me less anxious.

If we’re being completely ridiculous, I’d also love to find a cure for my autoimmune illnesses.

What have you learnt about life that you wish you’d understood earlier?

“That’s a biggie. I guess I’ve learnt that I am the author of my own story. I have a say in who gets to be in my life. I’m entitled to stand up for myself.”

How would you describe Sea Soul Blessings in 3 words?


Dose of encouragement.

How do you use your Sea Soul Blessings?

I use them in a similar way to my tarot cards. So shuffle, listen and pick…

I do it whenever I need a boost. And also before journaling.

What do they help you to change?

My perspective on things.

If someone was thinking about trying Sea Soul Blessings, how would you encourage them?

I’d say get some: you never know when you’ll need a dose of the power of the sea…


Connect with Lucy at Daisy Meadow DesignsIf you’d like to be featured in one of these interviews, I would love that, get in touch!

And of course, if you’d like to get yourself some Sea Soul Blessings, you can do that right here.

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