Three weeks out of the sea

F72DFFA7-6569-4339-A96A-FF68617E4C81It’s been three weeks since I last got in the sea, and it feels like a very long time…

Three weeks ago, I had an accident – running across the road, my ankle twisted in my sandals and somehow I managed to break both my ankle and my foot (normally people like to break just one or other apparently!).

And honestly, having an enforced break from the sea has been hard. Nonetheless, it’s teaching me a lot, so I’ll share what I learn with you as I go along…!

One of the greatest gifts so far has been this – when I shared my frustration and disappointment at being stuck on the sofa so far from the sea, this beautiful community of Sea Soul Blessing sea lovers started to send me films of the sea, from all around the world.

lake peace

I got to watch the sun rise in the Gulf of Mexico and set aboard a Breton boat; the crashing swell in Aukland and the hypnotic clear waters of Sardinia and Maui…

I even witnessed the view from the low-lying island of Funafala – an island just four metres above sea level at its highest point – which brought the climate crisis much closer to home.

If you’re able to film the sea near you – at home or on your travels – and send that to me by email, facebook or instagram message, I would adore that!

Soon after my accident, at the peak of my frustration, I decided to draw a Sea Soul Blessing card. I was cross, and disappointed, and I wanted the sea’s insight into why I had to spend the summer without the sea. As I held the cards in my hand, I asked – what am I to learn from this? This is what I got…

allow the broken footMay you ALLOW:

The sea cannot be fought, or controlled, or resisted. The tides cannot be stopped. When you are in the water, the sea can only be moved through, even as it moves you. When you stop battling against, you soften into lightness, finding the power to rise.

May you yield. May you release judgment. May you give loving permission. May you make space for what is. May you allow the pull of the waves to lift you.

I wasn’t ready for that message straight away. My first reaction was to scoff – oh really?! Thanks a lot for that… But deep down, I trust the cards, and so I slowly let myself sink into the feeling of allowing.  I asked myself:

What could I allow right now?
…all my feelings about my current situation, both good and bad)

Where do I need to stop fighting?
…the reality of this accident, the fact that I can’t get into the sea)

And so, guided by this card, I stopped attempting to control an uncontrollable situation, and shifted my perspective – to let it all be. Which of course, that was just what I needed.

I continue to draw a new card every day to inspire me forward. But ever since drawing that card, I’ve been practicing allowing – all of it, as it is. I’m accepting that this is the lesson for me to learn from all of this right now.

IIMG_7719t’s as if the sea knew that this moment would come when it asked me to write the words – it turns out that they were not just for you after all, but for myself…

…So what have I learnt from being away from the sea?

Without the sea, I’ve had to stay present with all the difficult feelings that have come up.

I’ve had to sit with the resentment and powerlessness, guilt and jealousy.  In the shadows. And to simply allow these within me, without judgement – as I heal.

I’ve also had to slow down, let go of finding value in productivity, and to live completely in the moment. But the support that I’ve received from you all has also beautifully demonstrated that connection is absolutely at the heart of Sea Soul Blessings – our connection with the sea, ourselves, and each other.

Together, we are building a hopeful, powerful and compassionate community. And you are a vital part of that – thank you for being here.

Also, it seems pretty ironic – and perfect – that having created Sea Soul Blessings to help others to connect to the magic of the sea from afar, I’m now getting to use them for the very same reasons myself.  I can confirm that they work 😉


If you can spare a moment, I’d love to know more about your experience of Sea Soul Blessings.

How are you using the cards right now?

Have any of the cards especially resonated for you in recent weeks?

If you’d like some insight into a particular card,  Sea Soul Insight is now available by donation (pay what you can) – as a short audio recording, I’ll talk you through a single card reading to help you explore the sea’s message for you today.

I hope that your Sea Soul Blessings can help you through any challenging times you’re experiencing right now – just as they are helping me.

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